Re: [NTLK] Soft Reset Causes Date/Time Reset

From: Dennis B. Swaney <>
Date: Sun Mar 01 2009 - 19:45:36 EST

James Wages wrote:
> On 3/2/09 1:26 AM, "Ron Parker" <> wrote:
>> Check the archives for January 2009 for a lengthy overview of why/how you
>> should remove it.
> Thanks, Ron. I have been wading through lots of posts but I've not found a
> conclusive post on the matter yet. The root post I found is here:
> ("[NTLK] OUCH!!! Strange dates problem" thread from Jan. 2, 2009)
> I found that post by doing a "2010 fix" keyword search in the archives. But
> if you read through that post, it mentions a method for removal, but it also
> says that method resulted in two non-functioning Newts! So freezing the
> "fix" and then restarting is not enough to remove it and solve the problem
> caused by the fix, it would seem.
> Further thoughts?

I think the consensus was to remove the fix pending a patch (or
different fix), and then reinstall it after 1 Jan 2010. Either that or
just continue to suffer problems throughout 2009

Dennis B. Swaney
"Windows is a command-line OS with a GUI shell while Mac System 10 is 
... oh, never mind."
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