[NTLK] 5-volt and 3.3-volt PC Cards for Newtons

From: Marcus Daniel <marcusdaniel_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Sep 28 2008 - 22:55:18 EDT

I do not know what the issue is with this, everywhere I went on the
web I read I am to stay away from 3.3Volt PC cards, but I do have the
original box of the Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 and on the box itself
it says where the Features are listed, and I quote:

- ...
- Two PC Card slots for Type I and Type II cards (5-volts and 3.3 volt
- ...

So that should settle the issue that only 5 volt cards work and the
3.3 volt cards would to harm to the newton.
Both kind work!

Marcus Daniel

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