Re: [NTLK] nethopper question

From: Tony Morrow <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2008 - 00:33:30 EDT

On Sep 23, 2008, at 8:26 AM, Oliver Leaman wrote:

> I know this question has been raised before, since I have seen it
> in the archive, but I do not understand the answer. I have
> downloaded Nethopper and I think all the patches including the
> ZNHPatch and everything I could find on UNNA and elsewhere, yet it
> still says that I need the http protocal plugin, which is not
> installed. What am I doing wrong?
> Oliver

That is the first time I've heard of that issue. Do you have all the
packages required for an internet connection? At minimum you need the
two packages found here:
You also need two more packages depending on whether you are using a
modem or ethernet card.
For a ethernet card install these packages:

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