[NTLK] FS: Old PowerMac (i.e. Newton Dev System)

From: Neal Sofge <sofge_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 15:06:34 EDT

I'm switching day jobs and thus cleaning out my office; this has
caused me to abandon some long-standing dreams (and their associated
gear). I've got an ancient PowerMac that I figured I'd offer here
first, considering how easy it is to do Newton development on it
compared to a more modern system.

Entire package goes to the first interested party on two conditions:

1) You pay shipping (which might be substantial -- old Macs are heavy!)

2) You promise to develop some useful Newton software.

Here's the details:

Vintage 1996 PowerMacintosh 7600/132
* 128 MB RAM (interleaved)
* 256K L2 cache
* 2 GB SCSI hard drive (not original, ca. 1998 or so)
* 160 MB SCSI hard drive (ca. 1992, in second drive bay, for dual-
* External SCSI Zip 100, with two cartridges
* PowerTalk microphone
* Apple --> VGA video adapter (640x480 through 1280x1024)
* Serial cable (for connecting to Newton)
* Mechanical-keyswitch Apple Extended Keyboard II with matching ADB
mouse II
* System 7.5.5 (the last legally-distributable Mac OS version)
* All components checked with TechTool Pro 3

Also includes Newton development goodies:

* Newton Connection Utilities -- pre-installed and tested
* _Defying_Gravity_ in nice shape
* _Programming_for_the_Newton_Using_Macintosh_2nd_Edition_ in even
nicer shape
* My carefully-hoarded copy of the official development web sites ca.
1999, including tools, sample code, and documentation


I've also got this thing's productivity-oriented sibling, still good
for whatever you did with your Macs a decade ago. Or just as a spare
parts donor for the Newton dev machine above. System specs:

Vintage 1995 PowerMacintosh 7500
* Sonnet G3/300 accelerator card
* 128 MB RAM (interleaved)
* 2 GB SCSI hard drive (not original, ca. 1998 or so)
* 240 MB external SCSI LaCie Tsunami drive
* PowerTalk microphone
* Apple --> VGA video adapter (640x480 through 1280x1024)
* AppleDesign Keyboard
* Supermac mouse
* System 7.5.5
* All above components checked with TechTool Pro 3
* Color QuickCam (not installed or tested)
* MacAddict magazines from 2002-2005, including CDs

Also free to whoever will pay shipping, though first dibs go to the
future Newton developer who gets the first machine.

Contact me off-list, of course. I can only check email once a day,
so please be patient.

Neal Sofge, Hibernation Vat Manager
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