Re: [NTLK] Cases: What'cha using?

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2008 - 13:21:14 EDT

~~~ On 2008/07/11 15:05, Jon Glass at wrote ~~~

> Here's mine:
> <>
> Although it's much cleaner than mine is. ;-) it's not a play-through
> case, but a holster. After using play-through cases, and zip-close
> ones for so many years, I feared that I wouldn't like a holster, but
> it turned out to be my favorite of all my cases.

First, a big thanks to everyone who took the time to join in this thread
(started by Brian Ball, but I took it to heart). I got a lot of cool ideas.

Special acks to Jon Glass and Paul Zenk: to Jon for what turned out to be
the winning item, and to Paul for his off-list offer to help.

As it happened, I've been home in NJ with my wife to celebrate our 30th
anniversary, so I contacted the company. They are the nicest people in the
world to deal with! Even though I've been in the Middle of Nowhere (ref:
Far Side cartoon) for much of the time, they contacted me and arranged to
fill my order. And the case does not disappoint. In the end I got two, one
with the belt loops and no extra pockets, and one with the belt clip and the
extra pockets. Both are well-made, fit beautifuly, and are just right for
anyone who doesn't need to lug a bunch of accessories most of the time.

No, I'm not getting anything for advertising them, but yes, I most
definitely am advertising them. Judy Stern gets a special name-check.
Don't be put off by the lack of on-line purchasing pages on the web-site;
write your e-mail to the Sales dept., and then do business with a helpful,
co-operative and accommodating company who like to keep their customers


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