[NTLK] FS: Newton 2100 with SER-001, Bluetooth, tons of accessories $220 shipped OBO

From: Matthew Reidsma <mreidsma_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 10:26:40 EDT

Hello listers,

I have a Newton package for sale:

    * Newton 2100. Has all clips and doors. Interconnect port fell out
in 2002, but has serial port (SER-001). Stylus silo was enlarged to
hold audio output jack, but is not very noticeable.
    * SER-001 serial port board installed.
    * 2 X 4Mb Linear Flash cards, one loaded with all needed drivers
for Bluetooth and keyboard.
    * Pico Bluetooth card
    * Custom-made Stowaway keyboard (has short cable soldered in place)
    * Custom-made walnut stand
    * Portable "bean-bag" stand for using the keyboard
    * Newt Boot case
    * Leather PDA case (Newt is a snug fit)
    * Custom-made corduroy sleeve case with PC card and pen pockets
    * Two NuShield screen protectors (one on the Newton, one in reserve).
    * 2 Newton branded PC card blanks
    * AA battery sled
    * Dead rechargeable battery (in case you want to recell it. It's
missing the end cap)
    * Newton 7w power supply

Asking $220.00 shipped to within the U.S. or best offer.

You can see photos here:



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