Re: [NTLK] Case Discussion

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 01:09:01 EDT

I have a very similar bag - it is not the same brand, but over 15
years old & doing well. It _is_ just a hair too small if your Newt is
in a leather case, but might work on a nekkid Newt.
The company (SunDog) has a new model that seems an even better fit,
for almost the same price as the EagleCreek bag on eBay:
or a slightly bigger version (for another $10!):
On 11. Sep., 2008, at 00:51 AM, Scott Hoffman wrote:

> those Eagle Creek bags...
> Mine is holding up very well - more than enough room for
> everything. The YKK zippers feel extremely sturdy.
> In case anyone is looking for them, they can be had at REI... I
> forget which specific model mine is but I'll look when I get back on
> Friday.
> Hoping to get a Newt glamour shot tomorrow. :)

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