Re: [NTLK] 2010 fix

From: Bob Carls Dudney <>
Date: Tue Sep 09 2008 - 00:15:59 EDT

On 8/9/08, wrote:
>This topic came up just last week...
>several people have tested it..extensively

I didn't continue the previous thread because I had deleted it when I
thought of the fix. Next time I'll get it off the archive to avoid

As I recall the thread, one of the two people who were reported as
having tested it was Jon Glass, who then wrote in to say his testing
wasn't definitive.

I'm not ready to risk my precious data on Avi's fix.

If by March 2010 or so no ones' reporting problems, that's a different story.

Or better yet someone figures out how to patch/change the ROM's start
date by several decades.

Although it just occurred to me that would change dates in existing
data, moving them forward the same amount. So one would also need a
utility to update soups.

1904 and 30 (?) bits dates is one of if not worst decision(s) Newton
engineers made.

And how fabulous that's the top of a very short list!



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