Re: [NTLK] share with your iphone-toting friends

From: Tony Morrow <>
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 12:25:13 EDT

On Sep 7, 2008, at 11:46 PM, Charles Mangin wrote:

> i saw that. thankfully, they linked to the video itself, and not my
> blog :)
> i just set up my new server, and i'm not quite ready to load-test it
> yet.
> anyhoo, it seems that, as usual, a lot of people missed the point.
> there are a lot of comments about how "press and hold" enables the
> loupe in the iphone interface, not selection. okay, but there's a way
> to select text, right? and a way to drag it around, right? oh well. it
> got some attention for the Newt and Einstein.

The boingboing link made the front page of digg too. awesome.

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