Re: [NTLK] eMate vs. 2100

From: Larry Zasitko <>
Date: Fri Sep 05 2008 - 21:00:03 EDT

I have a dongle that I would trade for a battery cage for 2000/2100,
mine seems to have gone missing, strange as I have all the manuals
and everything else including box and even the original bags it was
packed in. Don't know if you have a cage. I have two dongles and
really only need one for the keyboard.


On 5-Sep-08, at 5:10 PM, Neal Trembath wrote:

> I bought a couple eMates off Ebay last year, thinking I could
> scavenge a good MP backup screen. Nope (the eMate screen is
> bigger. Thermostats, serial ports, and chargers are fine though).
> The eMate is larger, and probably more robust than the Messagepad.
> If you have smaller hands, prefer typing--esp. on the go--and like
> the design, get one. (You can attach a full size keyboard to the
> MP, but you'll have cords.) The MP is much faster.
> I much prefer the MP, and am grateful for Stephanie Mak's overclock
> and Daniel Padilla's audio out adaptor instructions. Incidentally,
> you can stuff both an overclock switch and an audio adaptor (line
> in/out) side by side into the serial port space.
> OT: does anyone near SF have a dongle they want to sell? I won't
> be able to make one for a few months--bad neck. BTW, if anyone
> needs spare eMate parts . . .

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