Re: [NTLK] Dedicated Newton Forum?

From: Kostas Theofilis <>
Date: Thu Sep 04 2008 - 15:07:17 EDT

That sounds like an upgraded wiki. It would be nice.


On 4 Sep 2008, at 19:59, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> Thanks for all the great feedback so far.
> I think what I would like to do is put together a knowledgebase,
> like Apple's support section. One with a nice interface where the
> user searches for info, rather than having to traverse loads of
> links in a FAQ format, or turn to google and go data mining. It
> would be both GUI rich and have a version for the Newton in plain
> text. I would like to take all of the information about the Newton
> on the web and consolidate it in easy to read, digestable bits.

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