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From: Scott Rogers <>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 12:56:15 EDT

It's also important to note that Bush has some of the lowest approval
ratings in the history of approval ratings. Hell, he was just
relegated to an 8 minute address via satellite to his own party's
national convention. The sitting veep was nowhere to be found. The
latest poll numbers I saw showed his approval within the base (say,
Provo, Utah) slipping to below 80%, which is *death* for a candidate.

His national ratings will likely never dip below about 23 or 24%,
simply because 23% of Americans would defend him if Bush ate a baby on
live television.

The baby was asking for it, of course.

With that said, I have noticed that the internet Canadians I know tend
to be very pro-Bush, even now.

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