Re: [NTLK] Case discussion

From: Matt Howe <>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 12:08:28 EDT

I had this same bag. It may have been the best bag I ever had. In a pinch you can squeeze in the Newton keyboard too. Alas, I loaned it to my wife when we were traveling. I needed a bigger shoulder bag and grabbed on of my other bags. She wanted to use it for her purse. Unfortunately she left in in the rental car with the car unlocked and the bag escaped, never to be seen again. I did find a very similar bag at Wal-Mart, but it is not quite the same. So enjoy your bag William.

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate (Newton) (Desktop)

William Pociengel wrote:
This is my bag, well it will be my new replacement bag if nobody decides to beat
me out of it.


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