Re: [NTLK] Our newts die in 2010?

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 07:46:52 EDT

On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 7:56 PM, Woody <> wrote:
> I think that Sonny and Jon have given Avi's patch a long test without
> problems and I have had it installed for five or six months.
> It seems safe.

Ah, but who is willing to move their clock forward a couple years or
so, and keep it there for several days... I don't know how far the fix
has been stressed. My playing was, in a sense, artificial. I added and
removed a bunch of dates, and changed the years quite a few into the
future, but beyond that, I didn't do much. I think I also forgot to
stress-test the Assistant, and other, third-party apps (MoreInfo,
etc.) Also, since I probably did this on my 130, I am sure I didn't
use NIE or the internet, and I doubt I tried to send and receive
email. Nor did I try a syncing to the desktop--an other area for
potential failure (try syncing dates, for instance).

I would say that the fix2010 probably works for just keeping the
Newton from crashing, but I wouldn't guarantee it for anything more.
We may just have to wait until 2010 before we know anything for sure,
but I would presume, as I said, that at least we won't be going down
in flames!

I'm still amazed that it is looking like I will still be using my
Newton in 2010!

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
"I don't believe in philosophies. I believe in fundamentals." --Jack Nicklaus
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