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I will say this though.
Last week, somehow it seems ironic now, I met a guy from Cleveland up here on business.  It was his second time to Vancouver.  We all had a few too many beers, and I took him to Fritz, the best Poutine in the city.  Of course it was great, and the lemon pepper is awesome on the Poutine.

But it was an instance where an American surprised me.  He was very insightful and listened.  While others were gazing off, him and I discussed America and Bush.  He was texting his wife saying how much he missed her, etc.  I know not all of those "American" stereotypes are true, and he reaffirmed that.  As much as Canada seems Anti-American, it does not mean Anti-American people per sey.  It should be rephrased as Anti-Bush... I guess no different from most of the world's perspective on the matter.

But I will also say this.  As much as I disagree with much of what Bush has done, I still support America, as a Canadian.  We need each other to survive and thrive in a complex world.  When I think of all the countries out there, and which one I would prefer to be in charge, it is Canada as the first choice the US second.  Somebody has to make the tough choices to keep us on top, and I don't envy those in that position.  As such, while Bush can be an outright idiot sometimes, his administration is the one making the tough choices and keeping North America on top.

As much as the US has done bad, without the US, the Soviet Union may have, by now, completely engulfed the planet.  I attribute the fall of the Soviet Union as a result of America.  Decades of struggle against them.  For that we cannot forget the will and power of the US and every country on earth has to at least respect the US for that.


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