Re: [NTLK] SW to switch a Newton off without using power switch?

From: Robert Wade <>
Date: Fri Oct 31 2008 - 08:54:50 EDT

Ed Kummel wrote:

> I use Dashboard (truly a necessity that enhances an
> already great platform) and it has a built in "sleep" item.

I'm with Ed on this one. Dashboard is a must have addition and well
worth the $25 US.

The only unfortunate note to Dashboard is that the source code is
(was?) lost. I got with Mason Mark in April of '07 about Dashboard
breaking in Einstein, when trying to use non-standard screen sizes,
and the short answer was that he now longer had his personal backup of
the source code and "The company [Five Speed Software] has backups
from 1999, on CDROM, which are currently in storage but nobody knows
quite where."

"I teleported home last night with Ron and Sid and Meg
Ron stole Meggy's heart away and I got Sidney's leg."

Robert Wade

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