Re: [NTLK] Question about Newton and WLAN (on Mac OS-X 10.4.11)

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Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 09:33:52 EDT

On Oct 28, 2008, at 11:09 AM, Stefan wrote:

> I got some help from here (thanks again),
> but I don't have success.

yes... it's tough, sometimes, to kick start that wifi. Isn't it?

> 1. Newton MessagePad 2100 (Orinoco Card,
> that mount's as "Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE")
> When I try a connection, the card is
> busy blinking with two LEDs...

> 1. Newton MessagePad 2100 (Orinoco Card,
> that mount's as "Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE")
> When I try a connection, the card is
> busy blinking with two LEDs...

Blinking both... that's bad.

One light needs to go steady and the other blinks. NOT SOLID means that
you have NOT achieve a proper connection with a router or another peer.
It's kind like the cable-connected light.

> 2. Mac Mini Intel (means no Classic mode possible

Ah... good for you, bad for your Newton. You can still get connected

Does the Airport connection utility on your version of Mac OS X have an
"Ad Hoc" or "Peer-to-Peer" mode?

Have you enabled it?

Sorry, as mentioned in my PDF, I do not have Airport, nor 10.4.11,
therefore I am unable to imagine what options available for your

> 3. My Mini is connected with an
> internal network and internet via
> ethernet cable and router (non-Apple).
> The router has WLAN-capabilities.

Helpful to know, useful in the future.

> 4. My Mini has built-in Airportcard (extreme).

You need to activate Ad Hod (Peer-to-Peer) mode and you must keep in
mind that your Newton only works with 802.11b.

Make sure that you have your Airport Utility Software correctly to
configure for Ad Hoc mode AND the Airport extreme is set to 'B only'
mode to 'B' compatible. If your Airport extreme will not (or is not set
to) do 802.11b, you're not going to get connected.

Ad Hoc or Peer-to-Peer mode is the also very important, when trying to
connect computer-to-computer

I'd like to see the screenshots of your Airport Utility. Can you send
them to me? Send them directly to my email, not through NewtonTalk (as
NewtonTalk will strip attachments).

> ---------------------------------------------
> Now, what I don't understand:
> a) can I/shall I establish a connection
> computer-to-computer between
> the Newton and the Mini???


> That's to say: Can I even establish
> a connection between the two
> machines without the router?

Called Ad Hoc or Peer-to-Peer Mode.

> or
> b) do I always have to go over the
> router to connect the Newton with the Mini?

No... it's not necessary.

> Also I don't know how I can identify
> an established connection
> between newton and Mini. (?)

The WaveLan "connected" light goes Solid.

> There are too many options on the newton
> (and the mac), I'm really
> confused now.

Send me screen shots (auf Deutsch? uh oh... I'll try)

> For example: (on the newton) I do
> have to go over the "dock", - right?
> I have to tap on "AppleTalk"

You would use "Dock" with Apple's Classic Utilities. So, you may be out
of luck without Classic.

Download Simon's NCX and read the documentation. It has both, the
client (a new dock app for your Newton) and the host (for Mac OS X

> but then, at "connect with" I choose
> the name of the Mini (the
> machine's name!). Is that OK?
> Why does my newton then asks me to
> choose a Computer (under the
> headline of my Mini's name)???

Won't be able to use the "Dock" app under OS X 10.4... must use NCX

> Then I can choose between * Desktop
> computer and then * none or
> * others... When I choose "others..."
> the newton seems to search, - but
> doesn't find anything.

This would be correct.

* Without a solid light on your WaveLan card, nothing will be found.

* Without an application "Advertising" or "Announcing" that its
services are available, no computer will be found either.

The WaveLan's connection light needs to be solid (connected to the Ad
Hoc adapter)


NCX (on the Mac) needs to be running.

> I mainly want to transfer data
> between Newton and the Mac mini and I
> would like to synch Data of Newton
> and OS-X's addressbook & iCal etc.

Get a SOLID connection first, using Internet sharing. Then try NCX and
get it working. Then move on to sync'ing. Be forwarned... sync'ing is
an art form, unto itself.

Keep going... you'll get it.

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