[NTLK] Fwd: [LEM-List] FS: WaveLAN Silver card and antenna extension, Airport power supply

From: L.W. Brown <lwb_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 21:42:05 EDT

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> From: paul beard <paulbeard@gmail.com>
> Date: Sat., 25. Oct., `08 20:08:22 ET
> To: lemswap@googlegroups.com
> Subject: FS: WaveLAN Silver card and antenna extension, Airport
> power supply
> Reply-To: paulbeard@gmail.com
> I have WaveLAN card and power supply from an old school AirPort
> basestation that died (some known issue with capacitors going south,
> if memory serves). If you have a need for am old slow wireless card
> or need it to rehab a busted Airport, let me know. $5+shipping gets
> them.
> Seattle Wa 98115
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> Paul Beard / www.paulbeard.org/
> <paulbeard.org>
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