Re: [NTLK] Question about Newton and WLAN (on Mac OS-X 10.4.11)

From: R A Parker <Quadzillanet_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 14:17:00 EDT

On Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 3:38 am Stefan wrote:

> Unfortunately I'm eager to connect
> from a mac without any classic-options.

Then you must realize that you will limit your options. There are a couple programs that are OS X native and, only one that is frequently used and talked about on NewtonTalk... Simon Bell's NCX.

What do you wish to achieve? Do you want to surf the web? Do you want to install stuff to your Newton? Do you want to do email?

> Did you test it under OS-X too?

I'm running OS X 10.3.9 and have not gotten to 10.4 or 10.5 yet. I know somewhere along the way, Apple dropped Classic. However, Classic will give you better options.

> Can I "translate" your advice to
> OS-X Tiger?

Work with the first part of the tutorial. Get your Ad Hoc connection setup. Consider my questions (above) and then work on matching your Client/Host options.

Internet Host: As mentioned by Tony Morrow, activate Internet sharing (on your Mac). This idea creates a bridge between two ethernet interfaces (i.e. shares your built-in ethernet's internet access across and over to your Airport Ad Hoc connections).

Internet Client: You then use a web browser on your Newton to access pages, folders and files on websites. Websites like and can be used to download and install stuff to your Newton. You can also put files on your own (publicly accessible) web server and download it from there too.

File Sharing Host: Activate Web Based file Sharing on your Ad Hoc Airport interface. This will turn on the Apache server and allow you to access local files stored in the web sharing folders served up by Apache.

File Sharing Client: With the above, that will still be your Newton's web browser. Look at Newt's Cape and Nethopper. Point your Newton's web browser to access your local files via http://your.local.ip.number/folder/file.pkg

You should be comfortable with getting the above working before moving on to more advanced options, below. Knowing your Ad Hoc connection works will help you get the following to work without wondering where the problem lies.

Installer/Backup Host: One word... NCX. Haven't tried it, others mill be of more assistance here. From what I understand, NCX does work over ethernet. It should work over your Ad Hoc Airport connection.

Installer/Backup Client: I believe NCX has its own Client App that you need to install and run on your Newton. Download NCX(.dmg) at Simon Bell's .Mac website and read the PDF and the readme.

Email Host: You could run your own on your Mac but that isn't quick and easy. You'll need full access to the internet to use a POP3, IMAP, or an SMTP server. Your Ad Hoc connection (with internet sharing) will not provide you with access to these servers outside your local network. Look into upgrading to a broadband router with wireless.

Email Client: Well, if you get this far... let me know. You will have achieved Newton Power User status and you will probably not need my help.


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