Re: [NTLK] Question about Newton and WLAN (on Mac OS-X 10.4.11)

From: Tony Morrow <>
Date: Fri Oct 24 2008 - 10:22:41 EDT

On Oct 24, 2008, at 9:07 AM, wrote:

> Hi friends,
> again inspired to use my messagepad 2100 after a long time
> I'm trying to connect it via WiFi with my Desktop-Mac (OS-X 10.4.11).
> The wireless-card I bought (Orinoco Gold) seems to be recognized by
> the newton.
> I want to establish a computer-to-computer/Newton connection.
> But that's the point: I'm not sure how to do this
> - or: I don't get a connection.
> Is this possible at all between my Mac mini and the Newton directly
> or do I have to go over my router??
> At first step I tried it with no encryption at all (no WAP).
> What I see is, that the Airport symbol in the screen menue doesn't
> show "black waves", they are just grey. But the control panel shows
> good strength of signal.
> I have never before established a computer-to-computer connection via
> Airport, so I don't know whether that's normal behavior or not. >?)
> The instructions I found on the web had some gaps in this aspect...
> Can you help me?
> Stefan

Hey Stefan,

The fastest way to get it working is to start Internet Sharing.

Do the Following on your Mac
1. Open System Preferences and click on Sharing
2. Click the Internet Tab
3. Choose Built-in Ethernet from the drop down list for "connection
4. Check the box next to Airport and then click the button labeled
"Airport options"
5. The Network Name is the SSID for the network you are creating so
you can name it anything
6. Leave the box unchecked for WEP for now (for testing)
7. Click OK
8. Click the Start button to create a wifi network from your Mac.
        Your Airport icon in the menu bar should now have an arrow pointing up.

Do the following on the Newton
1. Eject your wifi card and plug it back in so the Card slip pops up
2. Click the Setup button
3. Set the mode for infrastructure
4. For the SSID enter what the Network Name was on your Mac
5. Leave the WEP information empty
6. Close those windows
7. Open the Internet Setup app
8. Create a new Generic Setup
9. Set the connection to Ethernet and click Continue
10. Give it an easy to remember name and set the Card info to "Lucent
(this is where you have two options. Choosing DHCP server should work
without a problem, but I like to setup manual configurations anyway.
If you don't want to setup a manual connection then jump down to step
11. Set the Configuration to Manual and click Continue
(When your mac shares its Internet connection it actually shares two
different IP subnets. You can use the 10.0.2.X subnet or the
192.168.2.X subnet. I normally use the 10.0 subnet.)
12. Enter the following information as so
Local IP: (it could be any 10.0.2.X address as long as its
Subnet Mask:
DNS: (If you want your Newton to connect to the internet
through your Mac then I suggest entering the DNS address your Mac
gets from your modem/router. The DNS table built into your Mac isn't
that extensive and you will get a lot of timeouts when trying to
navigate to websites from the Newton. You can find DNS server address
in the System Profiler under Network and selecting Built-in Ethernet.
In many cases its or
13. Leave the Domain Name blank and click Done

That should be everything you need to do to get a wireless connection
between your Mac and Newton. Depending on how you want your
connection to work, there are a few options you can take to change
the setup. Also, you only need Internet Sharing turned on when using
the Newton. So when you are not doing that remember to go back to
System Preferences and turn it off.

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