Re: [NTLK] Car Charger for $70?

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 12:02:39 EDT

OK...get it while you can.
Woot is doing a "Woot-Off" Where they sell an item until it's sold out and then they switch to another item.
Keep an eye on them because the B&D battery powered inverter will inevitibly make it on the woot-off several times like it has in the past.
but you gotta get them fast. They usually sell for something like $6 each.
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From: Robert Terhune <>
Subject: Re: [NTLK] Car Charger for $70?
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 2:53 AM

The function of the inverter that suppresses spikes from the car is
usually the DC fuse in the cigarette plug. But the inverter can
malfunction and send spikes of its own. If you do use an inverter,
the best kinds are the true-sine-wave inverters. Most electronics are
designed to work on the power-grid, which has a sine waveform. The
cheap inverters generally use a "modified" sine wave, which is
actually a glorified square wave. These will work OK for AC-to-DC
transformers, but they may shorten their life in the long run. Also,
in my opinion, the cheaper the inverter, the "dirtier" its output
be (and the harder it will be on your electronics).
Yes, technically the efficiency thing is not a big deal (it's the
engineer in me... sorry :-) ), but also technically, your car will
not produce that power until you demand it. You won't notice it, but
you engine does have to work just a little bit harder when you plug
anything into the DC plug. My personal objection is the hassle and
the extra parts to carry around.

However, having said all this, I confess that I use inverters a lot
myself. Sometimes it's the only way... :-)


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Ed Kummel <> wrote:
> Actually, you won't need the power conditioner...
> That feature is already built in to the inverter. The inverter can
> only deliver the power it was designed to deliver. If there is
> indeed a surge, the inverter will blow...and if on the off-chance,
> the surge *DOES* get to the Newton power supply, the transformer
> will absorbe all but the most massive (couple hundred of volts or
> better) power spikes...which is highly unlikely coming from a closed
> power system like a vehicle alternator...
> So, just plug your Newt adapter right into the cigarette lighter
> adapter inverter.
> I picked this little beauty up at my local Harbor Freight (can also
> be delivered)
> If you sign up to their advertisements, you can usually find this
> for about 6 bucks.
> As for effiency? Who cares? Your car is the thing making the
> power...and the little amount of power that this thing will take is
> inconsequential (unless you're one of those people trying to drive
> around town in an all-electric plug-in hybrid...but then you have
> other problems...)
> And the car will be generating that power whether you use it or not!
> Use it or loose it!
> Ed
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