[NTLK] WEP Key: Open & HEX = Success

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 01:49:00 EDT

A week ago, Morgan Aldridge mentioned that Hiroshi's driver didn't do
"string" WEP Key functions (properly as implemented). I would like to
confirm this and one other key item that recently helped me set two routers
up for my wireless Newton this last week.

Two key points for success in setting up WEP on a router:

1) Open Authentication (Not Shared)
2) HEX only for the WEP Key

As mentioned, again thank you Morgan Aldridge for pointing out the Hex Bit
(pardon me). It just so happens I had to configure a new Firewall/NAT
Router for my home system. A 1 second power outage corrupted my Quadra's
NetBSD boot drive and now I was without Internet access to my whole
network. This Quadra has been running non-stop for close to 10 years except
for the occasional power outage. Took me down for the weekend, but I'm back
online! (and now, after not knowing how for more than a year, I can connect
at work too!)

Back to the topic:

1) Do not use "Shared" Authentication. Set the router to Auto or Open
Authentication. The terms are what confuses one's choice. The router and
the client need to be set the same. However, there is no choice for this
option in the Hiroshi driver settings. Hence the default... Auto (aka:

2) Though Hiroshi's driver allows a "string" for the WEP Key... I could not
achieve a connection until I finally remembered... then converted the
router's WEP "string" key to the "hexadecimal" equivalent and, of course,
chose "hexadecimal" instead of "string" from the WEP Key menu.

Google search for a good "hex ascii converter" for help. And thank you


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