Re: [NTLK] Consider buy a newton

From: tony wycihowski <>
Date: Mon Oct 13 2008 - 20:05:01 EDT

Have a few questions.
First what is NKU?
Second what is NCU?

Third can you have more the one Netwon per computer for sychning....

I have three computer which would be best??

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From: RedJazz <>
Subject: Re: [NTLK] Consider buy a newton
Date: Monday, October 13, 2008, 12:15 PM

Depends on what you want to do:

MessagePad 100/OMP: Buy this one if you only need to jot down a note and fax
it, and keep a calendar or a to-do list, or to calculate some numbers.
MessagePad 110: Same as above, but with more memory and better batteries and a
screen cover that will protect your screen. More applications (mostly business)
were made for the 110 than the 100.
MessagePad 120 w/1.3: Same as above, but with even more memory, a clearer
screen, and a PCMCIA slot that supports cards that require more power. Also, the
OS can be upgraded to 2.0. Buy this one if you are sure you are going to install
more than two or three applications.
MessagePad 120 w/2.0: Same as above, however with OS 2.0. This brings the
possibilities to do electronic mail, receive fax, browse the web, and not much
more. The 2.0 OS however loses the capability to synchronize with the NCK
software, which is more powerful and easier to use than NCU. Lost is however the
capability to synchronize easily as with 1.x.
MessagePad 130: Same as MP120/2.0, but runs faster and has a backlight.
MessagePad 2000: Same as MP130, but has an extra PCMCIA slot, and a bigger and
better screen. Unfortunately more prone to jaggies. The MP2000 can use wireless
internet, Ethernet, and has a microphone, all because it is for some reason more
widely used and the other Newtons are underestimated. The batteries for the
MP2000 are more tricky to rebuild than their MP1x0 cousins. Generally everyone
will reccomend this one, however they are expensive.
MessagePad 2100: Same as MP2000, but with more memory.
eMate 300: Same as MP2x00, with a bigger screen and a built in keyboard.
Unfortunately has a slower processor. Its batteries are tricky to replace, and
has the hinge-punctures-the-ribbon-cable problem. Buy an eMate if you do a lot
of typing or if you have messy handwriting.
My point is, don't buy a MP2000 just because everyone has it. Study your
needs and then decide. Also keep in mind that 1.x Newtons (OMP, 100, 110,
120/1.3) are generally cheaper, more common, and easier to use. However, more
and more software is/was developed only (sadly) for 2.x systems (120/2.0, 130,
2000, 2100, eMate). 1.x systems also have an easier to use synchronization
program that doesn't force you to use software nobody else does and can
exchange data with more applications (RTF, Word, Excel...). Also, NCK supports
synchronization with third-party applications and not only with those from
Apple. Don't listen just to 2.x advocates, 1.x systems have their strong
points too.
Matej Horvat
A MP120/1.3 user
> I have a simple question. If I can only buy one newton
> which model should it be?
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