[NTLK] BlueTooth Things as of Oct-2008

From: Steve <steve_at_craftsathome.net>
Date: Thu Oct 09 2008 - 22:14:01 EDT

I got an MP2100 from an eBay auction. It came with a PICO card and Blunt
stack pre-loaded. It can discover my phone and Belkin print server*. It
doesn't crash when clicking in the BlueTooth Setup [test] button. I then
tried a previously-purchased PICO cards, and that one works as well. So it
appears that all this time I have had an unbelieveable string of bad luck
getting the Blunt combinations right. Is there a way to determine what
version of stuff I have installed so I can try to replicate the working
setup on my other MPs and eMates?



*The Belkin BT print server F8T031 is discovered as something with a
"Serial" service, but I can't seem to pair for some reason. It's attached to
an HP (non-PS) printer. I wonder if there is a proprietary paring thing
Blunt doesn't support? My Windows Mobile SmartPhone shows with an OBEX
service but the pairing always times out. I need to see if I can get my
Vista box to pair.

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