Re: [NTLK] An outstanding job done by PCBMan!

From: PCBman Customer Service <>
Date: Thu Oct 09 2008 - 14:13:02 EDT

Thanks for the write up Tommy.

I should make it clear however, that I did this as a favor for him at no charge. I am not a repair shop and have no intention of servicing more Newtons - free or otherwise.


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>From: Carlos Pessoa <>
>Sent: Oct 7, 2008 7:06 PM
>Subject: Re: [NTLK] An outstanding job done by PCBMan!
>Hi Tommy,
>Good to know where I can look for help if one of my newtons (2
>MP2000u, 2MP2100 and 1 eMate) face severe health problems!
>thanks for the report!
>On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 9:24 AM, Tommy Thomas <> wrote:
>> I want to say thank you PCBMan and
>> encourage anyone who needs to have Newton repair work done not to
>> hesitate in dealing with him. Kudos! :-)
>> Take care and May God Bless,
>> Tommy Thomas
>> Low End Mac

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