[NTLK] MD5 library

From: Anthony Martinez <pi_at_pihost.us>
Date: Mon Oct 06 2008 - 13:09:44 EDT

Searching the archives, I've read that Paul Guyot has implemented MD5
for the Newton. However, he didn't split it out of APOP, and the source
isn't available. Would you be amenable to releasing the source to APOP,

The program I'm working on, by the by, is an OPIE aka S/Key calculator,
which I haven't found on UNNA, and is the only thing that I'm missing
from my Palm device.

Failing finding an OPIE app that I've just overlooked, or an
implementation of MD5, I suppose I can implement the algorithm myself,
though it'd probably be fairly slow in NewtonScript...

Thanks in advance,

> I know the root password to the old user host, I know why it is named
> "newuserhost", I know where your old directory on it is, and I know that
> putting honey in the RAID will lower the maximun RPM of the hard drives.
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