Re: [NTLK] Can you access mail on an Exchange Server?

From: Tony Morrow <>
Date: Wed Oct 01 2008 - 18:24:04 EDT

On Oct 1, 2008, at 4:23 PM, Josh Ormsby wrote:

> Hi all,
> Longtime lurker here.. I have a question.
> Has anyone had success getting their email from a MS Exchange
> server using a Newton?
> Should I just have all my mail bounced to a gmail account instead?
> Thanks,
> Josh

I've never played with exchange, but If the server has IMAP enabled
then you should be able to use Mail V from Simon Bell. Bouncing
emails through gmail won't work since gmail requires a secure
connection for POP, IMAP, and web access. The newton's internet stack
was never written to support secure connections so anything requiring
SSL or HTTPS will not work (which includes many public wifi hotspots).

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