[NTLK] Reading Nac floppies on XP

From: Stephan Weber <ashkelon_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 14:32:22 EDT

Thanks forsuggesting I download fron UNNA. I didn't think about that,
because I'm used to Winjunk being guarded more-or-less zealously
forever. Of course I googled for apps prior to posting, & downloaded
several. What I'd hoped for was an endorsement of one or two as
effective. I was hoping to avoid a day-long battle of installing apps
that don't work, or come tantalizingly close, but end up being
unworkable. In the meantime I dug out a scsi drive & got things read
w/one of the downloaded aps. BTW, first thing I tried was beaming it
from my emate & restoring it from emate backups. No love there - it's
a restricted package & wouldn't activate. Thanks all. Apologies,
posting from my phone & can't line break... Steph

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