[NTLK] Newton Boot Problems :-(

From: Joshua Cearley <joshua.cearley_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 19:41:24 EDT

A month or so ago I ordered an MP2000U from the mailing list that
din't come with an AC adapter. I picked up a generic adapter after
reading newton pages carefully and so it worked for quite a while with
the AC adapter (it would charge the batteries even, though slowly).
It's only half the amperage so it would take about a week to charge
the batteries, but it would run perfectly fine off of the adapter.

The problem I'm having now which is a lot like the problem I had when
I first got, is that since the battery ran out from me using it off
the adapter it wont boot at all now. When I first got it and the
battery was empty hitting the power button while plugged in would
cause it to flash the lightbulb screen and occasionally it would even
get half way through the chime before rebooting. After a handful of
tries it finally booted--and it actually stayed working.

About ten minutes ago I hit the power switch (it hasn't ran in 2-3
weeks) and it actually booted again! The only problem is I switched it
off to test and see if it works and now it's gone back to just barely
blinking the boot screen :( I have no idea what's going on, obviously
it worked at one point (it charged the empty battery to full the first
time) and it just worked earlier today--so I have no idea why it won't
boot. I've checked the usual routine (get the reset screen, use the
reset button, hold down both reset buttons, reseat the rom board)...
The strange thing is that if you hold the power button down you can
usually get the "Do you want to erase everything?" screen from AC
power, it just won't boot the system for some reason.

If anybody can help, it'd be greatly appreciated since I can't
actually afford an official adapter at the moment.

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