Re: [NTLK] More spurious rumors or ?

From: Ed <>
Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 20:34:27 EDT

Ebooks? Why read text as all? Even if it were possible on that microscopic screen. The dealbreaker for me is that I can't load my audio book files on an iphone.
Steve Scotten <> wrote: Steven Frank wrote:
> There are various reasons why I actually believe this rumor this time
> around.
> Although I think usage of terms such as "The New Newton" and "PDA" are
> misleading.
> What I would expect is a larger version of an iPhone / iPod Touch
> device that competes with devices like the Nokia N800, PepperPad, HTC
> Advantage -- more "internet tablet" than PDA.

This rumor came in the nick of time. I was getting ready to give up and
get a WinMobile phone so that I'd have enough screen real estate and
software support to read eBooks. This may be vapor but it's enough for
me to wait and hope.

Now, if this thing does exist and Apple still doesn't provide access to
this platform to developers or at the very least develop a whole suite
of applications for it, then Apple is dead to me.

If it exists it would be nice to have the phone built in, too. Oh, it's
too big to be a phone? I use a headset; if I'm carrying this thing
around why should I care how big it is? It's smaller than itself plus a
separate phone, that's for sure. We're still not talking about a huge

I think I'm still going to go ahead and get a ModBook. It'll be useful
to me even if a smaller lighter tablet comes around. I'd bet a month's
pay that even if this thing exists it won't come with a
pressure-sensitive stylus.

It'll be interesting to see what actually comes out of Apple in the next
year or so. I think the iPhone is a good start despite its shortcomings.
I'm not ready to get one; some of the shortcomings are dealbreakers
for me (eBooks anyone?) but they could actually do good things with it.
Despite all the commenters on applerumors and endgadget, the fact that
there's even a rumor like this is encouraging that SOMEONE out there
thinks that a small tablet is a good idea.


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