Re: [NTLK] WTB- Anybody have a Clear Cased MP120 or MP130 for sale?

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 21:07:47 EDT

On 9/23/07, Albert <> wrote:
> I was wondering if any body had a Clear Case Newton
> MP120 or 130 that they were willing to part with. I
> would like to add one to my collection. Thanks in
> advance!

Hi Albert,

I'm not sure if you're going to get an answer anytime soon.
But I think your are at least behind a few other people (which includes me)
As I too have asked about this before but up till now no one has stepped
forward in reply.
Though I too would love a response again myself for a Clear Case MP120 or
MP130 :-D

I'm also waiting for anyone to contact me and provide a photoset of their
Clear Case MP120 or MP130 so I cna put them up on Flickr.
OR they could post them up themselves if they have a Flickr account or any
picture hosting site. I'd be willing to put a link their site in the
comments of the lone photos of a Clear MP130 that I was able to track down
... but come on please bring yourself to posting or emailing me a photo! ;-)

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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