Re: [NTLK] Learning HTML

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Sun Sep 23 2007 - 23:20:40 EDT

On Sep 23, 2007, at 10:17 PM, RAParker wrote:

> On Sep 23, 2007, at 6:24 PM, Thomas Brand (T2) wrote:
>> In my experience that is going to be a very difficult way of learning
>> HTML, not only because of the awkward input method
> I would have to agree. A text editor on a Mac or PC is going to
> offer a
> better learning experience. Have a look at HTML Kit (for PC) or
> Pagespinner (for Mac).

Some other good Mac text editors that are targeted at developers are
BBEdit, SubEthaEdit, and TextMate. I think there's one more aimed at
HTML & CSS developers that I'm leaving out.

These editors offer syntax highlighting and most offer HTML/XHTML
validation and quicker XML/HTML tag creation/completion. I personally
use SubEthaEdit for the above reasons, plus it's got a built-in live

>> because of the terribly outdated rendering engines available on the
>> Newton.
> On the other hand, the Newton DOES make a good reference book to carry
> around and have handy. If you have the Newt's Cape web browser, the
> following web site renders beautifully. You can store sections of the
> website on your Newton as an eBook and it is one of best HTML/CSS
> references around.

Not only does the Newton make a good reference book, Adam Tow wrote
an excellent HTML tool for the Newton called nHTML (see <http://>). It'll make it much quicker and
easier to create tags in your favorite Newton text editor. Are there
other options other than Notes & Works?

However, as Thomas mentioned, the rendering engines offered by Newt's
Cape, NetHopper, and Courier are quite out-dated. They'll likely help
provide little, if any, insight into how HTML documents are rendered.

However, if your Newton can get online, you can do your development
on the Newton using nHTML and run the NPDS (see <
>) web server on it as well. That way you can do your previewing on
a PC/Mac with a more appropriate web browser. Of course, that
requires your Newton to be configured to get online and such.


Morgan Aldridge

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