Re: [NTLK] IC/VC and address book

From: Eckhart Köppen <>
Date: Sat Sep 22 2007 - 15:54:24 EDT

On 22. Sep, 2007, at 14:12 , Thomas Hart wrote:

> I am trying to import my address book from my iBook to my Newton. The
> exported vCard file transfers to the Newton over BTObex just fine,
> but when I put it away using IC/VC, there is nothing in the address
> book and I can't find where the files have gone.
> Do I need to import each card individually? Or am I just missing
> something?

It should work to import multiple cards. Can you try however how it
works if you just import one card? IC/VC should be able to handle the
vCard 3.0 format, you can use that as a start.

Things which can go wrong are e.g. the encoding of the vCard file
(Unicode vs. ASCII etc), or some malformed data which causes IC/VC to
skip the data completely.

If you cannot even import one card, can you create a dummy card and
send me the vCard file?


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