[NTLK] FS - (1) MP2100's & Mini Convertible TabletPC

From: Mark Srebnik <msrebnik_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Sep 19 2007 - 09:57:18 EDT


Recently, I bought two Newton MP2100's along with some other goodies; a new
Kohjinsha SH6 mini-TabletPC and a HTC Advantage X7501....got a little
carried away perhaps... ;-)

For variety of reasons, have decided to part with one or more of the above,
but not all the items.

Decided to offer the following to the group before going the eBay route,

If you're interested in any of the following please email me directly

I have 100% POSITIVE eBay feedback as 'marksreb' and heatware feedback as

So here we go....

A. Newton MP2100 - UPGRADED as noted with the following items:

    - Newt 2100 UPGRADED to 220MHz (can switch speed back to original speed)
       in very good condition
    - Dongle Destroyer UPGRADE (don't need dongle)
    - Re-celled 2500 mAh Battery UPGRADE
    - White Backlight Display UPGRADE
    - 24MB Flash Card with software
    - (3) Aftermarket Stylus (fits in slot)
    - AC Adaptor
    - Leather Zippered Portfolio Case
    - Ethernet Card

    *All upgrades, MP2100, flash card, and stylus from Newtonsales.com. Need
      to check whether 2 year warranty is transferable.
 I'm into the above for about $640. Asking $450 shipped continental USA.

B. Newton MP2100 - EXCELLENT condition

    - Newt 2100 stock in excellent condition
    - Re-celled 2500 mAh Battery upgrade
    - 30MB Flash Card with software
    - Original Newton Stylus
    - Aftermarket Stylus
    - AC Adaptor
    - Newton CD
    - Leather Zippered Case

I'm into this setup for about $300. Asking $250 shipped continental USA.

C. Kohjinsha SH6 - MINT - Almost New Mini Convertible TabletPC

    - Kohjinsha SH6 Convertible TabletPC design (white):
        - 100GB HD
        - 2GB RAM
        - WiFi / BT
        - (2) USB Ports/ (1)SD Card Slot
        - Vista Home Premium
        - 7" touchscreen display (1024 x 600)
        - Web Camera
        - TV Tuner (works in Japan)
        - Intel A100 CPU (600MHz)
        - White sleeve
        - Recovery CD
        - Stylus
        - AC Adaptor
        - Zero-Shock Zippered Black Case
        - Original Packaging
        - About 2 pounds
        - 1 Year Warranty with almost 10 months left

Looks brand new, hardly used. Got it from Japan in July.

I'm into the SH6 as noted for $1450. Asking $1150 shipped continental USA.

Again, if interested in any of the above, please contact me directly




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