Re: [NTLK] Questions about scripts

From: Eckhart Köppen <>
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 14:08:33 EDT

On 8. Sep, 2007, at 17:45 , Andy Hill wrote:

> Are the scripts used by Dash Board the same as newton script? If they
> are, is there such a thing as a beginners guide to newton script, or
> would you have to know about programming already to be able to learn
> this?

Should be the same. Regarding introductions etc, I think UNNA is
fairly complete regarding the programming guides as well as the
Programming the Newton books.

> Can anyone provide me with a script, for using with Dash Board, which
> will call up the insert new name dialogue box. I would like to be able
> to assign a letter for this and use the launcher to call it up in one
> strike, as its a function I use a lot. (Probably a saving of a mere
> second or two but it's the intrigue factor more than anything else).

This is probably a bit tricker since NewtonScript apps like to be
developed with the Newton Toolkit, constructing dialogs and apps
programmatically is a bit tricker (if you want to dig deeper,
BuildContext is the function to start with).


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