Re: [NTLK] [OT] Huge int'l roaming fees for iPhone (was Re: Test...)

From: dotline7 <>
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 09:16:59 EDT

What is Iphone for? Don't use it when leaving USA.


On 9/13/07 12:49 AM, "Paul Braun" <> wrote:

> Sonya Hipper wrote:
>> Not quite...this is (l)user error for the most part. Here's why...
>> Someone should have RTFM and RTFSP (Read The Fine Small Print), or
>> even just called AT&T customer support and (ya know...) *asked* rather
>> than just assuming that there would be no price differential once
>> outside the *country* in which they had service.
>> About the only fault I'd assign Apple in all this is the SIM-lock, but
>> there are now 3rd party software-only solutions for that as well...
> And there is an option to turn the phone/radio bits of the iPhone off
> completely - it's something like "airplane settings" -- so you can use
> it as an iPod or whatever when you're on a plane, yet the actual RF
> section is shut down. You would just do that before you left the
> country, and leave it turned off until you get back home.

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