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From: dotline7 <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 2007 - 18:32:23 EDT

I agree with Guy but to 100%. Apple claims it is much easier than Windows.
In most cases it is true. This case with Iphone shows the "problem" with
devices making some job behind the our backs, not informing us about it.
Recently, I saw my Mini getting slower and slower. It shows, OS X tries to
sync with .Mac even if one doesn't have an account. Other sync functions
where ON too, eating up CPU and RAM. It goes to switch it off but you have
to load developer software first. It is not ethical.

On 9/12/07 11:54 PM, "W. Guy Finley" <> wrote:

> First, anyone who brings a phone overseas without checking what they
> will be charged for access is an idiot -- caveat emptor.
> Second, it is very simple to turn off email checking -- go to
> "settings", select "mail", turn "auto-check" to "manual". The phone
> will not access the network to check for email.
> The ONLY thing that I would agree on is there should be a way to turn
> EDGE off, but having not previously owned a phone with EDGE I don't
> know if that is a common feature or not. You could go to "airplane
> mode" but then you couldn't take calls obviously.
> Finally, I'm certain it's all over the EULA that you are responsible
> for monitoring your access. I remember all these stories when cell
> phones first came out with roaming. It's not Apple's fault that
> people didn't do a little checking into what they would be charged
> for data access while traveling abroad and obviously they had to have
> noticed it was downloading their email and whatnot as they would have
> gotten notification.
> --Guy
> (sorry for top post, this thread already top posted to shreds)

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