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From: Matthew Reidsma <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 2007 - 11:43:59 EDT

On 8/29/07, <> wrote:

> I've recently discovered a great, though poorly documented Russian game, "Lines", and I'm having fun with that. I also like to read eBooks on my MP2100. Sadly, despite all of my begging, nobody has yet developed a means to "offload" internet news content from a desktop computer to the Newton (as with Until that happens, I have to use my other PDAs.

Victor and I had talked about modifying the online Paperback book
reader to take RSS feeds. You'd basically need to add RSS parsing to
the script and maybe include some calls to lynx for retrieving the
contents of the embedded links into the Newtonbook, since so many of
the news RSS feeds are useless in that they online include a blurb. I
started working on it, but lost interest since I have no reason to
carry news around with me. But, for the enterprising perl or php

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