Re: [NTLK] New Newton is born?

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Sun Sep 09 2007 - 09:50:12 EDT

On 9/8/07, Sonya Hipper <> wrote:
> I couldn't agree more...shall we start the collection now or later to
> get Paul Guyot an iPhone for targeted Einstein/Relativity
> development? ;-)

Number 1, I don't think he would take it in any case--he's always
refused in the past, but

Number 2, I believe he converted the source to GPL because he's now
working in the industry--and no longer in the position to contribute
to this project directly--meaning that he can't do the work
necessary--even if he wanted.

I'm afraid that the next step will have to be taken by the next
generation of coders. Who will step up to the plate?

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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