Re: [NTLK] New Newton is born? My Old Ones Work Great

From: Danny Mann <>
Date: Fri Sep 07 2007 - 19:30:02 EDT

After years and years with an OMP this past summer I bought up a
2100, 2000, and many many accessories to try to get back into the
fold. Despite lots of wonderful assistance from members of the list
(thank you again for walking an oldbie/newbie through so much) I
think that my requirements might be best met by increased use of a
laptop rather than trying to find a device that makes it worth
leaving the laptop at home. If anyone is interested in the massive
newton starter kit package that I've assembled let me know off list.
If I end up putting the package on ebay I'll send out another email
for that, too. I'll still be lurking on the list since I'll have my
OMP to keep me company, but the newer kit turns out to be just not
quite the solution to my needs. here's what i've got:

newton 2100, rechargable battery holds a decent charge, original
stylus, good screen, cover

newton 2000 (with original box/books/etc), rechargable battery
doesn't hold a decent charge, original stylus, good screen NO cover

two soft cases, two keyboards, ONE dongle, wireless card (bronze, I
could never get it to work, but the newts saw it)

keyspan serial adapter

two power adapters

original floppies plus a couple cdr's of software

ethernet dongle/pc card

a couple memory cards (4 mb i think)

if interested please email off list with any questions/picture
requests or what you think is a fair offer. All I really want to do
is make my money back, and I got pretty good deals on everything so
it shouldn't be hard.



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