[NTLK] [FS] Misc Newton Items

From: Owen Collins <collinso_at_wlu.edu>
Date: Wed Sep 05 2007 - 20:11:42 EDT

Hello all I am clearing out the closet so I have some items up for sale:

Keysan USB-Serial adapter and Mac serial cable

Sharp Zaurus 5500 - Unit with stylus, AC adapter, USB cradle, Sandisk CF
Wifi card, 64 MB SD card and manuals. Ready to play around with
openEinstein. I can even include the necessary files to get it ready for
Einstein(except for newton ROM)

Ethernet Crossover cable

Newton MP 2000(Upgraded) In good condition with flip cover, stylus, AC
adapter, AA battery tray, 2MB linear Flash Card, Ehternet Card, Modem.
Will be loaded with ethernet drivers so don't worry about bootstrapping.

Airport Graphite Wireless basestation, box wall mount & AC adapter.
Currently dismantled so I could play around with a Newton Wirelessly. I
will sell you the base station(reassembled) or just the Wifi Card from
it. However it wasn't working when I took it apart. So if you want it
for parts it's yours.

PLease contact me offlist with offers,






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