Re: [NTLK] Cover Causing Jaggies Update

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Wed Sep 05 2007 - 09:11:29 EDT

On 9/5/07, Puckdropper <> wrote:
> Several months ago, I took the cover off my Newton.
> After a couple days, the jaggies problem I had
> reduced, and now it's completely subsided. It appears
> that the cover was causing problems for the Newton.
Hm, this was a thought also in consideration by me too.
I noticed that IF you had a fairly new MP2000/2100 and when you installed
the Flip Cover (I assume here we are thinking of the same item) that when
you flip it over to the close position and let it lay you would notice that
it would generally sit ajar. Say 3/8" or less from the completely closed

It's designed this way in order to create tension for it to open when you
released the latch. That's where those silicone (or is it rubber bumper)
pads come into play also, eh?

Taking into consideration your observation of the Jaggies first diminishing
and later clearing up I say it's plausible the flex to the Top Bezel is
causing undue pressure to the Touch Screen. Which is why some shave the
appropriate area on the underside of the Top Bezel which has alleviated some
people's Jaggies condition. In addition I'm aware of the hinge in the Flip
Cover breaking around the Pin(s) that hold the larger Flap to the smaller
part often on the larger Flap side. These are the common maladies of the
Newton. I often don't experience Jaggies since I hardly use the Flip Cover.
Only when doing repairs. Are there others here who can give us their
experience with Jaggies who can also say if they use the Flip Cover that
might help validate this theory?

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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