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From: dotline7 <dotline7_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Sep 02 2007 - 09:17:03 EDT

Thanks a lot. It is like you say.

Being more private I can confirm all this and tell you that I was in the
same situation when one Scotsman talked to me and I didn't understand a
word, I got very nervous, but his wife, to easy the situation, translated it
for me.

I rise the question. As we know, good God has created languages to confuse
and divide us! Are we not confusion ourselves MORE and MORE by having the
rules you speak about? I would like to ask other question. Is it not a
matter of politeness and good taste to speak understandable language, not a
local one, especially officially. Some time ago, a student, who could not
speak properly would not dare to ask a question. Now, it is the professor
who is embarrassed by the fact that he, the professor, doesn't know the
dialect. New times. But where are we going?

BTW. Is these facts and other problems within the education systems make
that Apple cannot reinvent new "Newton like" software. Best example is HWR.
Graffiti is a joke?


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