Re: [NTLK] wifi discrepancies

From: Adriano <>
Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 13:57:24 EDT

30/ott/07 Lord Groundhog wrote:

> If you don't want to buy a Nintendo DS just for this, ZyXEL makes a
> thing
> called a "Finder & Adapter". It can be used stand-alone to locate
> SSIDs of
> active and unconcealed wifi signals nearby. It'll tell you how
> strong they
> are, whether they're 11b or 11g, the channel of each of them, and
> what kind
> of encryption they have or if they're open. It also can be plugged
> into a
> USB port, and with the right software it'll act as a wifi adapter
> (it comes
> with windoze software, and there used to be software for other OSes
> but I've
> never needed it for my Mac since my wifi is built in). It also
> recharges by
> being plugged into a USB port.

If the ZyXEL wifi spotter recharges when plugged into a usb port, it
can be
charged also by Newton just using the 'NewtLight' adapter reviewed by


Cheers, Adriano

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