Re: [NTLK] To all of you NTK coders

From: Eckhart Köppen <>
Date: Sat Oct 20 2007 - 15:55:22 EDT

On 17. Oct 2007, at 18:16, Matt Howe wrote:

> I know I'm missing something simple here but apparently I have a
> mind block.
> (Or it could be I'm just plain stupid. But we'll leave that
> discussion for a
> later time.) I'm trying to get a list of folders from the cardfile
> soup. I
> am using GetFolderList('AppSymbol, True/nil); But I can't seem to
> figure out
> what the app symbol is. I will probably eventually want to get the
> folders
> for Dates and Notes as well. How do I get the app symbol for these
> apps?

You can use GetSoupDef to get the soup definition frame for a soup,
it should contain the symbol of the app which owns the soup.


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