[NTLK] Exporting from Notes application

From: Seb Payne <seb_at_sebpayne.com>
Date: Thu Oct 18 2007 - 07:06:44 EDT

I have been using my eMate (more on that in a moment) to do some note
taking in lectures and on the whole, it is working very well. The
restarting problem seems o have cleared itself with new Energizer
Rechargeable batteries. However, I was wondering - what is the best
way to print off notes, while maintaining all the diagrams, notes and
such because using NCX, the RTFs remove the diagrams.

The eMate is helping me make friends in fact. People see me carrying
this odd device and ask what it is. Even the lecturer in Foundations
of Computer Science asked what it was and was fascinated to see! I
need to find my serial cable first but getting notes off is quite
important to have a hard copy. Also - do the WiFi drivers work with
WPA or only WEP?



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