[NTLK] Old software now open source!

From: Brian Parker <bunnyboy_at_sealiecomputing.com>
Date: Sat Oct 13 2007 - 23:29:32 EDT

Hi all!

Its been many years since I did any Newton work, great to see
everything is still going! I found the hard disk with most of my
software source so it is now available free from my website. Expect
everything to be messy! I just zipped the directories so there is
probably lots of extra stuff in there too:

NewtChat - http://www.sealiecomputing.com/newtchat AIM client, no
idea if it still runs. Should be able to fix the hardcoded stuff in
the source if it has changed. If it does work the full version is
now free there.

MathFaster - http://www.sealiecomputing.com/mathfaster Math teaching
game, full version now free, source also avail.

nWarrior - http://www.sealiecomputing.com/nwarrior RPG type game
like Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy. I really can't remember how
far this was but I think the engine was mostly done. May take lots
of work to decode whats going on with this one.

I should have the NewtGlider source around somewhere, until then the
full version is available at http://www.sealiecomputing.com/

Have fun with this!

Brian Parker

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