[NTLK] Impressions of the iPod Touch

From: Joel M. Sciamma <joel_at_inventors-emporium.co.uk>
Date: Thu Oct 11 2007 - 13:01:08 EDT

I had a decent play with an iPod Touch belonging to my Nephew
yesterday and I can understand why some of us are thinking that it
could be the new Newt.

Firstly, I'm totally convinced that the whole interface paradigm
works beautifully and that the devices based on it are very usable
and easy to learn. The Touch reeks of quality and careful design and
I would be delighted for some future PDA or full-on computer to work
this way. Yes, it's pricey but it is a premium product.

However, from what I know about what we like about the Newton, we
need more local applications for writing, outlining and drawing and a
convincing data input method. The onscreen keyboard is OK in that it
was accurate and reliable for me but one cannot even contemplate
taking notes with it - and into what? I'm pretty sure that HWR would
work on the Touch/iPhone so we'll have to see if Apple make use of it
in future releases.

While a lot of people seem to be moaning about the lack of
applications, Apple (and SJ in particular) will not have forgotten
the lesson of the eMate; Never make a cheaper device good enough for
it to steal sales of a more expensive device.

They are going to have to be very cautious in what capabilities they
give to the pocket devices lest they hurt sales of the laptops - now
more so then ever. Back in 1997, there were many people who could
have happily used the eMate and its successors for everything and
never looked at a Mac. A lot of people are managing their lives quite
well now with just a smartphone.

If the only reason for having a laptop is because you are running
CAD, big databases, Photoshop or music production etc. then sales are
going to fall off a cliff because that's not the mainstream -
certainly no one here is.

So, a warm welcome for a new and very well designed computing device.
The rough edges will fall away and the capabilities will increase but
the positioning of new devices will need to be carefully considered
and may not be what we are looking for in the interests of protecting
laptop sales.


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