[NTLK] nBlog post titles

From: Gary Dunn <knowtree_at_aloha.com>
Date: Mon Oct 08 2007 - 16:30:01 EDT

I have been fiddling with nBlog and finally have it working with my Blogger site. Click on the link in my sig to see it.

I can't figure out how to identify a proper title. When I post, my first paragraph seems to be used as a title, but the text does not appear in the proper font or location. I tried uploading an HTML page created with nHTML. In the post body the HEAD data was not displayed (correct) but the TITLE tag had no effect. My blog title was derived from the initial non-tag text and again was ot formated the same as a title entered via the blogger.com web interface. Has anyone solved this?

Gary Dunn, Honolulu
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