Re: [NTLK] NewTen

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sat Oct 06 2007 - 23:29:06 EDT

One of the nice things about NewTen is that it can install packages
to Newt OS 1.3 as well as 2.x.

I have had pretty god luck transferring notes from my Newt to Mac
with both NCX and Newt Sync, though I have more trouble establishing
a connection with NewtSync than with NCX.
If you have a Serial connection NewTen is a great way to get
ethernet packages installed.


On Oct 6, 2007, at 8:27 PM, John wrote:

> I guess 1.5.1 was as far as development proceeded with NewTen, right?
> I wish there was more done with this, but as far as I can garner 1.5.1
> was the last version.
> Sure could use a more full-featured link/sync between my 2100 and
> my OSX
> platforms. Particularly to download notes from my Newton to my
> G4's and
> G5's running OSX.
> Oh well, if anyone knows any alternatives or new developments
> please post.
> TIA!

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